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Manufacturer: Antec Supplier: Josh Korwin First they were bee.

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“At last,” cried the masses, “we’ve reached the apogee of tacky! Despite the interior baffle not being very useful and a few other desn mishaps, the Sonata II remains a great case, especially considering the price.

<strong>Sonata</strong> ii - <strong>Antec</strong>

Sonata ii - Antec

Its compact size and muted exterior make it a nice addition to the office environment as well. And to drive the point home further, they offer it in “Piano Black.” Noticing a pattern? Let’s just hope that the Sonata III will contain no simulated metal and no blinding LEDs.

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Blinky lhts are certainly becoming a bit déclassé, and all of the noisy fans you need to cool that two-inch-short-circuit named “Intel” are so stating the obvious. Conclusion While it won’t lht up your room with a laser show, the Antec Sonata II is the definition of value in a quiet enclosure. The case’s sound level, interior desn, and exterior looks make it one of the best choices in the case market, whether you are putting together a workstation or gaming system.

Antec sonata case manual:

Rating: 97 / 100

Overall: 87 Rates