Apc smart-ups 1400 xl user manual

APC SmartUPS Battery Float Voltage

I've long sought a manner to adjust or recalibrate the battery voltage on my Smart UPS SUA1500 RM2.

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It would also be nice to be able to adjust the battery charging voltage to use other types of batteries; e.g., flooded lead-acid marine or car batteries.

<b>APC</b> SmartUPS Battery Float Voltage

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Too hh a battery float voltage is a problem I've seen on many of my APC Smart UPS units, and one that appears to be rather common.In the worst case, overcharging results in elevated temperatures and rupture of the battery case.

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Sealed lead acid batteries do not tolerate too hh a standby voltage, and suffer from dramatiy shortened lifespan when run at elevated voltages and temperatures.

Apc smart-ups 1400 xl user manual:

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