Faber castell 152 81 manual

Refill Instructions for GRIP Plus Pencil FaberCastell USA, Inc.

The calculator uses 4, 1.5V button cells, type Duracell PX825 with a diameter of 23.2mm and a heht of 6.1mm.

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Faber-Castell TR3 Combined Slide Rule and Calculator.

<i>Faber</i> Slide Rules - Tinas Slide Rules

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PX825s are no longer manufactured and are difficult to obtain.These are smaller and a little ingenuity is required to make sure that they are centred and make contact. The rule has a plane wooden back with 369 and Made in Bavaria stamped into the wood.

Faber - Rod Lovett's Slide Rules

I currently use 4, Duracell LR44s with a diameter of 11.6mm and a heht of 5.4mm. Faber 369 (Dietzgen 1779), Made for Lawrence and Mayo, a London based producer of Scientific Instruments a descendant of which is still in business in India.

Faber castell 152 81 manual:

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