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The Princeton circuits up through 5C2 differed from the Fender Champ in having two vice one preamp stage (6SC7 dual-triode vs 6SJ7 pentode) and added the tone control that was absent in the Champs; the 12AX7-based Princeton models 5D2 through 5F2-A were essentially the Champ circuits 5D1 through 5F1 with a tone control and a somewhat larger output transformer.

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In 1956 the Princeton received a new cabinet rougy half again as tall and wide as the previous Champ-sized "small box." In 1961, a new Princeton (6G2) of fundamentally different desn was introduced, which instead of being essentially an upgraded Champ was more like a junior Deluxe.

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After Fender introduced the Champ Amp in 1948, the Princeton occupied the next to the bottom spot in the Fender line.The first Princeton, the "Woody" (so ed for its uncovered wooden cabinet), was the smallest of the orinal Fender line of three amplifiers, an incredibly basic 3-watt practice amp with no controls at all, not even a power switch.

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Fender Princetons (as well as their sister amp the Princeton Reverb) from the early models into the 1970s models are hy valued particularly as recording amplifiers.

Fender princeton 112 plus user manual:

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