Harris rf 124 manual

Operation & Maintenance Manual

Output power levels: 100 mw (drive to external power amp), Low: 1 Watt, Medium: 5W, Hh 20 Watts.

VK5ABN - Wanted Equipment and Parts

Note: This radio is smaller than the PRC-25 or PRC-77.

Navy Transmitting Antenna Switch, Tuner, Coupler, & Multicoupler.

Navy Transmitting Antenna Switch, Tuner, Coupler, & Multicoupler.

Background Versions Confurations Options Operation Bite Fault Self Test Power Out 50 Ohm Load A8 Assembly Harmonic Filter Bands Troubleshooting What Went Wrong A9 Coupler Assembly Ideas Measure Exciter/Receiver Modules A1 Interface & Encryption A2 ?The manpack version of this radio is the PRC-150 ().

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Not assned A3 Linear Predictive Coding, Voice & JTAG A4 Snal Processor A5 Receiver/Exciter A6 Synthesizer A7 Power Supply A8 RF Power Amplifier A9 Antenna Coupler A10 Front Panel Remote Control Mode Switch OFF SSB HOP ALE R TEST ZERO Keyboard Left & Rht Arrows Up & Down Arrows Lht Clear Enter Option Program Programmers DC Power Inside Manuals Related AM Radio Stations Links This is a modern Harris H. receiver transmitter and will fit into a large priority USPS mail box with room to spare.

Harris rf 124 manual:

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