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German kg-pharma, one of the world´s leading distributors of hh performance tablet presses, now has expanded to the United States offering its US customers a wide sales and service network. The completely-desned Tab Check 4S is a fully-automatic tablet tester, which demonstrates its special characteristics in particular in labs or in-process controls (IPC). The miniaturized production machine concept enables a smooth and fully transparent scale-up to be conducted. A complete form part change can be conducted in under 45 minutes.

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The tablet press desned specifiy for the R&D and small-series sectors – batch sizes from 50 g to 50 kg – is mobile, needs little space in the development laboratories and and can simply be moved... In the pharmaceuticals industry, the Ro Tab Bilayer has been used successfully for years in the development of mono- and bi-layer tablets, in which the tablet press concerned is the most compact, full-value, bi-layer, rotary press on the market offering comprehensive R&D and production functionality. The Ro Tab Bilayer is thus frequently used for the production of small- to medium-sized batches such as those needed for clinical trials.

Kilian E 150 Plus Romaco Pharmak GmbH

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The Ro Tab Bilayer is also desned for operation with only one occupied punch station.Anti-cross-contamination minimizes a “mixing” of the layers thanks to two suction bars for the 1st and 2nd layers with separate special suction units.

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The sampling for the 1st layer is possible at the push of a button during production.

Tablet press opertions manual:

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