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Nevertheless, there is at least a chance to find a PDP-11/03.

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They have been built in large numbers for machine control from the mid-1970ies on (today we would name such a thing "embedded controler").

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To be honest, I collect the 68000ers of the 1980ies, but there are so much websites about Atari STs, Amas, Sinclair QLs and Apple Macs... However, the PDP-11 had much influence to the develepment of the 68000 CPU, so a PDP has all necessary rhts to become a member by honor of my "Club 68k".Programming exercises had to be done on the 11/34 of the institute, and this was where I had first contact with Unix, assembler and C.

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First time I saw a PDP-11 was when I started my studies.

Vector inverter owners manual:

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