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: D Today’s schedule is photo session and time to practice.

Warcraft 3 PDF - Blizzard

Looking forward to get to play some pubs in China, always fun to get some variety and see if you gain or loose MMR : D.

Player's companion - Wizards of the Coast

Player's companion - Wizards of the Coast

Even though it’s early, it is a decent first attempt to change the sleep schedule!From my team it’s only me and Gorgc (and Ludw who is coming with us as our manager) who lives in Gothenburg so we met up with the rest in Frankfurt.

Dota2 Akke

It’s so weird to feel wide awake at this time – imagine to be able to wake up this early every day and not be sleepy. :) Alliance had a small bootcamp before the tournament in Gothenburg so they all took their flht from there.

Bloodline champions manual patch download:

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