Hawking print server manual

Browser Based Manual Setup IOGEAR GPSU21 - USB 2.0 Print.

Finally a Wireless N print server that 75% of the people don't think is awful.

Hawking HMPS1U 1-Port USB 2.0 Print Server for.

Granted this product only had two reviews but neither were all that negative so I gave it a try. Setup is easy but seemed more complicated than it should be. Unlike my old print server, a D-link wireless G Rangebooster, the Hawking shows the real print status of my printer and not some random error (even tho it would still print), shows the ink levels, etc.

How to Install <em>Print</em> <em>Server</em> on Windows 7 - YouTube

How to Install Print Server on Windows 7 - YouTube

The manual has a few awkward sentences, probably lost in translation. just as if I had the Canon plugged directly in to the computer.The only knock on the scanning is you can't scan to PDF.

Customer Reviews Hawking HMPS1U 1-Port USB 2.0 Print Server.

And this print server will utilize the scan features of my printer (the Dlink wouldn't support it).

Hawking print server manual:

Rating: 99 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates