Manual vs automatic car mileage

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The extra weht of an automatic transmission and mechanical losses through the drivetrain gave manuals the edge in miles per gallon. But technological advances, most notably the extra gears the automatic provides that let the engine run closer to its optimum efficiency, have closed the gap.

Automatic versus manual Parkers

In some cases they’ve made automatics the fuel-economy leader.

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Auto enthusiasts, seemingly a dying breed, have long argued that manual transmissions, or stick shifts (though some of you mht remember shifters on the steering column as well), are the “only” way to drive. Apparently, it mht not matter; automatics seem to have won the argument. In an interesting side note, 80% of the cars in Europe and Japan have manual transmissions. In fact, according to Edmunds, 67% of the cars made for the 2013 model year were only available with automatic trannies.

How to Decide Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions.

Around 1995, a little over 70% of the cars on the road sported automatic transmission, which left 30%, almost a third, with manuals. Here are three common myths surrounding manual transmissions—and some facts that rebut those myths.

Manual vs automatic car mileage:

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