Nellcor n 595 service manual

N-595 Oximax Portable Pulse Oximeter

As the cornerstone of the revolutionary Oxi Max® Pulse Oximetry System, the Oxi Max N-595 Pulse Oximeter combines Nellcor's best-in-class pulse oximetry with the versatile Oxi Max monitoring platform.

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The motion-tolerant Oxi Max N-595 Pulse Oximeter is equipped with Nellcor's most advanced snal processing technology, which enables it to withstand the most challenging monitoring conditions with substantially greater accuracy than conventional pulse oximetry.

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The Nellcor N-595 Oxi Max Pulse Oximeter offers you the most advanced technology available, providing substantially greater accuracy than conventional oximetry, even for difficult-to-monitor patients with motion and low perfusion.The Oxi Max system creates a communication link between the sensor and monitor that empowers the N-595 monitor to display valuable information to caregivers.

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The N-595 Pulse Oximeter has Nellcor's Sat Seconds Alarm Management technology, an innovative feature for managing nuisance alarms without sacrificing patient safety.

Nellcor n 595 service manual:

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