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Strains show derepression of Lex A-regulated SOS genes as well as the up-regulation of other non-SOS genes involved in DNA repair.

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To correlate the level of SOS induction and the up-regulation of genes involved in recombinational repair with the level of DNA damage, we used neutral single-cell electrophoresis to determine the number of double-strand breaks per cell in each of the strains. Dam methylation is a postreplicative process (28), and consequently the newly synthesized daughter strand is unmethylated for a short time after passage of the replication fork.

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This transient hemimethylated state following DNA replication plays a crucial role in processes such as the regulation of gene expression (11, 26, 45), DNA mismatch repair (3, 45, 55), and the timing of chromosome replication initiation (2, 24, 42, 52).Because d(GATC) sites are not randomly distributed in the genome (19, 44), Dam deficiency may therefore have a direct effect on gene expression patterns.

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By altering the recognition sequences of transcriptional regulators and RNA polymerases, Dam methylation may affect the ability of proteins to bind the upstream regions of genes and in such a way may serve to regulate gene expression.

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