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In most cases this would not be necessary, and at 30mins it is advisable to attempt to start the engine once. NB 1: The charger must not be attached to the engine during starting. Is it a vehicle such as a boat, go cart, motor cycle? a vehicle used infrequently If so, then you may need a charger which MONITORS only, the charge over an extended time i.e. Nevatronic 12 & 24, will NOT bring a near flat or totally flat battery up to charge. For correct charging of a battery, charging should always be done over a hour period.

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BATTERY CHARGER RESELLERS GUIDE TERMINOLOGY & QUESTIONS TO ASK ALL OF THE DATA CONTAINED IN THIS BOOKLET IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY REFERENCE SHOULD ALWAYS BE MADE TO THE MANUFACTURERS SPECIFICATION AND INSTRUCTIONS. Telwin recommends a maximum time of one-hour for the battery to be boosted, to enable engine starting and not damage the battery. or Do you want to hold or monitor a current level of charge? TERMINOLOGY BOOST The term boost on Telwin battery chargers means A: The charger will warm a charged, but cold battery in severe weather conditions, such as frost or snow. B: The charger will quick charge a battery that is flat or semi-flat.

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*SPECIFICATIONS CAN BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME REFER TO TELWIN. If after one-hour sufficient charging is not achieved, return to normal charge. There are different chargers for each type of these applications viz Engine start Battery Chargers Leader 220 & 400 Dynamic 320, 520 & 620 and Monitor Nevatronic 12 & 24 PLUS Autotronic 25 Page 4 5.

Chicago electric dual rate battery charger manual:

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