Ati r9250 256mb pci manual

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Offering four pixel-pipeline, AGP 8x support and 128MB of DDR RAM, the ATI Radeon 9250 rounds off the tail end of ATi's product line.

S9250256F5 - DIAMOND AMD Radeon 9250PCI 256MB DDR

Though there are no swank fans with blinking LED's to be found, the eye-catching cutaway on the PCB board clearly distinguishes this card from the rest of pack.

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S9250PCI256 - DIAMOND AMD Radeon 9250PCI 256MB DDR

With a majority of the market focusing their attention on hh-end graphics cards, many forget about the consumers who are seeking a low-cost upgrade or replacement part.Yet they seek performance levels which are adequate for the occasional death-match.

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These consumers are often willing to sacrifice performance when looking for cards with price points that are substantially lower than enthusiast-class boards.

Ati r9250 256mb pci manual:

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