Cerwin vega stroker pro manual

Cerwin-Vega stroker Pro 15 User Manual 6

For more than 50 years Cerwin Vega has set the standard for hh performance professional and home audio sound with the rht ...

Cerwin-Vega stroker Pro 15 manuals -

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<em>Cerwin</em>-<em>Vega</em> <em>stroker</em> <em>Pro</em> 15 User's <em>Manual</em>

Cerwin-Vega stroker Pro 15 User's Manual

And you thought we were the only And you thought we were the onlyones making all the making all the noise. The cut- tion, a large shorting ring also reduces motor tem- has had a major reputation situation is more like hav- increased even-order distortion also increases the ing two gaps working in bass due to a psycho-acoustic phenomenon ed unison. • Chatsworth, CA • 91311 ©2005 Cerwin-Vega Phone: 1-818-534-1500 • Fax: 1-818-534-1590 • Cerw CERWIN-VEGA STROKER TEXT: VANCE DICKASON & ERIC HOLDAWAY PHOTOS: COURTESY OF MANUFACTURER PRO 15 MORE THAN A ONE NOTE WONDER — A FRONT-RUNNER FOR SOUND QUALITY AND SPL Since 1954, hy effective Faraday In addition to attenuating nasty eddy currents Cerwin Vega, one of the shield or shorting ring (a new produced by the woofer motor and lowering distor- oldest speaker companies around, patent-pending trick).

Cerwin-Vega stroker Pro 15 user manual -

Check out wha Check out whatt Car Audio and Car Audio and Electronics magazine had to say Electronics magazine had to sayabout the new STROKER PROabout the new STROKER PROFor more information, visit us at As the number of the missing fundamental (which produces percep- turns starts decreasing in tion of low bass from notes an octave hher).

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