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The MX-2900's metering mode allows photographers to select the desired type of exposure metering.

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AVERAGE: an average value for the entire image is used; SPOT: where the exposure is optimized for the center of the image; and MULTI: where the camera automatiy assesses the scene and selects the optimum exposure.

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The Fuji Film MX-2900 Zoom we previously looked at was a pre-production prototype, I'm happy to report that we now have a final production version of the camera to fully review. The MX-2900 has a hh tech magnesium alloy body, wehs 12 ounces and measures a diminutive 5.1 (w) x 2.35 (h) x 2.7 (D) inches.For framing or review there is a brht, 2-inch, TFT color LCD on the back.

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Fuji tells me that the new 2.3 megapixel MX-2900 will be officially launched here in the U. It features an optical 3x zoom lens with 2.5x dital zoom.

Fuji mx 2900 manual:

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