Manual diameter adjustment type rotator

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A welding rotator positions the cylindrical jobs whether on lht or heavy fabrication shops, the use of a welding rotator provides increased production with reduced labour because it requires less usage of lifting or crane facilities, which also reduces idle time.

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Adaptable for both automatic and manual welding works, using this type of welding machine helps attain exceptional quality circumferential joints on shells.

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Rotobec RLP-902 Rotator Manual - SAS Forks

It is mainly used for welding of pipes, API pipes, heat exchangers, mounted vessels, boilers, LPG bullets, barrels, pressure vessels and tanks.Turning rolls permit to perform circumferential welds in a vertical plane.

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Or Turning Rolls as they are sometimes ed are useful accessories in welding fabrication workshops, desned to keep in place and to rotate heavy cylindrical parts around a horizontal axis, at a constant and steady turning speed in front of a welding head.

Manual diameter adjustment type rotator:

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